Promag GPW-100 RFID

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Promag GPW-100, RS232 lecteur7encodeur RFID, 125 kHz (EM4102), RS232, dimensions (LxHxP): 86x80x120mm, inclus: logiciel Garantie: 12 Mois Cet article ce trouve en fin de vie !
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The GPW-100 is a stationary read/write device for EM4102 compa­tible RFID transponders. It is particularly intended to write sets of transponders or individually encode tags.

The included software writes an ID to the transponder – enter the ID on your keyboard, import it from files or let the software automatically create a serial number. Connect the device to the host over the serial interface (RS232). The GPW-100 works with tags that use the 125 kHz frequency band. It can output IDs in decimal, hexadecimal or Wiegand format. Cer­tainly a useful and practical addition to all Promag systems.

Technology RFID-MIFRE
Manufacturer PROMAG
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