TSC TTP-286MT Thermal transfer/direct thermal printers

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TSC TTP-286MT, 8 pts/mm (203 dpi), HTR, écran, TSPL-EZ, USB, RS-232, LPT, Ethernet imprimante d'étiquettes, industrie, transfert thermique, thermique direct, 8 pts/mm (203 dpi), largeur de médium (max.): 241 mm, largeur d'impression (max.): 216 mm, diamètre de rouleau (max.): 208 mm, vitesse (max.): 152 mm/s, USB, RS-232, parallèle, Ethernet, fente SD, TSPL-EZ, RAM: 256 Mo, flash: 512 Mo, inclus: horloge temps réel, écran LCD, inclus: câble (USB), bloc d'alimentation, cordon secteur 24 Mois
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TSC TTP-268M, 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), RTC, display, TSPL-EZ, USB, RS232, LPT, Ethernet, PS/2 label printer, industry, thermal transfer, direct thermal, resolution: 8 dots/mm (203 dpi), media width (max.): 172.7mm, print width (max.): 168 mm, roll diameter (max.): 208mm, speed (max.): 203 mm/s, USB, RS232, parallel, Ethernet, PS/2, SD-Slot, TSPL-EZ, RAM: 32 MB, Flash: 8 MB, incl.: real time clock, LCD Display, cable (USB), power supply unit, power cable, BarTender UltraLite 12 months Cet article ce trouve en fin de vie !
Prix spécial €1599,00 €1934,79

The industrial label printers from the TTP-286MT Series from TSC are specialists for particularly wide labels. They print on media up to 241mm (9.5") wide – even two or three-track multiple labels. Depending on the application you choose between a variant with 203 dpi and 300 dpi (TTP-384MT). The die-cast chassis and robust metal structure with a clear media view window meet industry standards and ensure for long running times.

The standard version already features a large spectrum of integrated interfaces, including Ethernet, USB, serial and parallel ports. The Ethernet port ensures for the simple integration into existing network environments. A Bluetooth and WLAN module for wireless control are optionally available. Also integrated standard is a real-time clock – a must-have in numerous applications. The TTP-286MT Series features many user-friendly properties, such as the backlit 4.3" touch display and 6 function keys, to simplify handling. The ribbon holder for rolls up to 600m long ensures that change intervals are comfortably few and far between

Manufacturer TSC
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